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Dooley’s Pants
September 16, 2011, 10:34 am
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I just ran across this video on Facebook, where a couple of my friends back in Tennessee have posted it. This is such a great example of producing original, top-quality video content to market to a highly targeted audience.

Folks in East Tennessee bleed orange for their Vols this time of year, so there’s a highly receptive audience hungry for material like this. The video was produced by the University of Tennessee Athletics Department, but it looks like it’s sponsored by the UT Medical Center. It obviously has nothing to do with health care, but that’s beside the point. This video played on the huge HD replay screen at Neyland Stadium last weekend, so that’s about 100,000 views right there — add in the additional hundreds of thousands that are likely to see it on Facebook over the next few days and you’ve got a great, cheap piece that makes an emotional connection with the University’s fan base (and potential patients.)

Good job, Tennessee. Now I hope the team and the coaching staff show as much creativity and imagination on the field against the Gators tomorrow.


Happy Anniversary to Instapundit!
August 11, 2011, 7:10 pm
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Happy 10th Blogging Anniversary to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit! I started (virtually) working with Glenn on the Porkbusters project back in 2006, and since then he’s linked to quite a few of the videos I’ve produced, for which I’ll always be appreciative. He’s one of the true pioneers out there, and one of the voices I look to as a barometer of sanity, wisdom and level-headedness. Best of luck with the next ten years, Glenn…

Running on Empty

Here’s one of my recent videos for the AFP Foundation. For more info about the Running on Empty tour, check this out.

Video: Throw Stuff at People With Whom You Disagree

Over the weekend I attended and filmed at Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s RightOnline conference in Minneapolis. One newsworthy moment occurred when a liberal activist tried (and failed) to throw glitter on U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann as she ended her remarks on Saturday afternoon.

I happened to catch the attempt on tape, then ran down to interview the Glitter Girl after she was removed from the hotel by security.

Kudos, Glitter Girl! You really changed the world this weekend. Because what this country needs right now is less rational discourse and more people who throw stuff at elected officials with whom they disagree. You are a fine example of the maturity and logic of the Modern American Left!

Highlights from AFP-Michigan’s Day at the Capitol

A little highlight video I produced last week, filed under Shameless Self Promotion…

Big Labor Classin’ Up the Joint
April 14, 2011, 2:55 pm
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Greetings from Lansing, Michigan, where Big Labor activists seem to have a different idea of what qualifies as an “adult conversation.”

Video: EPA Wants to Treat Spilled Milk Like Toxic Waste

My latest video for NFIB – you should watch if for no other reason than the fact that I got milk on my ceiling while filming this one.