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Video: Throw Stuff at People With Whom You Disagree

Over the weekend I attended and filmed at Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s RightOnline conference in Minneapolis. One newsworthy moment occurred when a liberal activist tried (and failed) to throw glitter on U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann as she ended her remarks on Saturday afternoon.

I happened to catch the attempt on tape, then ran down to interview the Glitter Girl after she was removed from the hotel by security.

Kudos, Glitter Girl! You really changed the world this weekend. Because what this country needs right now is less rational discourse and more people who throw stuff at elected officials with whom they disagree. You are a fine example of the maturity and logic of the Modern American Left!


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What these nutcases are doing boils down to criminal assault (and battery). Michele Bachmann is an announced presidential candidate..where is the Secret Service? What if it wasn’t glitter, and instead was battery acid? This b*tch should be behind bars.

Comment by Leo Pusateri

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