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Happy Anniversary to Instapundit!
August 11, 2011, 7:10 pm
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Happy 10th Blogging Anniversary to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit! I started (virtually) working with Glenn on the Porkbusters project back in 2006, and since then he’s linked to quite a few of the videos I’ve produced, for which I’ll always be appreciative. He’s one of the true pioneers out there, and one of the voices I look to as a barometer of sanity, wisdom and level-headedness. Best of luck with the next ten years, Glenn…


Breaking News on YouTube
March 9, 2011, 11:30 am
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Last Friday I had the pleasure of discussing how to break news on YouTube with the New Media Exchange. We’re all reporters these days and every grassroots, political, and policy organization should be proactively telling their stories the way they want them to be told – because the old media just isn’t going to be fair to the free-market side most of the time.

Here’s a .pdf version of my presentation.

We Need More Reasonable Lefties (and Righties) Like Tony Bourdain
January 11, 2011, 1:43 pm
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Taken from a livestream that was recorded last week, No Reservations host (and outspoken liberal) Anthony Bourdain talks about reasonable discourse with people who may not share our political ideologies.

Fast-forward to the 3:50 mark.

Halperin to Conservatives: Just Shut Up and Take It
January 11, 2011, 11:22 am
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Further evidence that what passes for the journalism establishment in this country is just embarrassing. You almost get the idea that if Rosa Parks were a modern conservative, the establishment media would tell her to just shut up and get in the back of the bus:

Danziger: Tea Party “Ultimately to Blame” for Tucson Shootings
January 10, 2011, 9:12 pm
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This afternoon, I saw perhaps the most troubling, irresponsible, disconnected-from-reality editorial cartoon I’ve ever seen published in a major American newspaper (click to enlarge:)

Danziger cartoon

It’s one thing to hastily jump to conclusions before the facts are known, but it’s another to stick to those hasty conclusions in the face of contradictory facts. Unfortunately, that’s what cartoonist Jeff Danziger is doing. In all my years in politics, I have never contacted an editorial cartoonist, but I was so appalled by this cartoon, that today I did. To my surprise, Danziger replied. Below is our full exchange:
Mr Danziger –

I’ve worked professionally in political communications for more than 16 years now – for Members of Congress, a Cabinet Secretary, many political candidates, and a variety of non-profit organizations. As a result, I’ve obviously seen many editorial cartoons with which I’ve disagreed. But I have never seen one as shamefully disgusting as the one I just saw on that is credited to you.

In the cartoon, a violent gunman is shown inside a teapot. I take this to mean that you’re perpetuating the view the millions of law-abiding citizens who have marched in tea party rallies are somehow complicit in the horrible shooting that occurred in Tucson on Saturday.

As you should know, at this point, there appears to be absolutely no connection between the tea party and the troubled young man who pulled the trigger. Not an ideological connection. Not one shred of evidence that he ever attended a tea party rally or visited tea party websites. Not even any evidence that he was enflamed or motivated by over-the-top political rhetoric from either side of the aisle. To the contrary, all the evidence that is currently available points to the complete opposite of all of these claims.

For you to willfully and purposely advance an incredibly explosive accusation for which there is not one shred of evidence does a disservice to you and to the American public. I generally agree with critics who say that over-the-top rhetoric — on both the left and right — should be dialed back, but when you and others imply or outright claim that millions of patriotic citizens are accessories to a gruesome mass murder, you’re only making matters much, much worse.

-Ed Frank
Dear Mr. Frank-

Thanks for your letter.

I disagree. In a larger sense there is a link between anti-government rhetoric and the actions of this obviously deranged man. He is not “troubled”, he is crazed. But he knows that the larger enemy is the “government”, even though I suspect he has no idea, other than the police, what the government is. So in my experience, there is plenty of linkage, the linkage of a constant steady pressure, constant yammering on right wing radio, and constant political advertising to strike at the government, linking to a weak and distracted mind, inured to the real cost of violence by video games and super-violent films. And to this the easy availability of Glocks in a state like Arizona, and the result is more than predictable. Only willful political opportunism could blind anmyone to it. This same connection drove Timothy McVeigh and others. This won’t, I regret to say, be the last incident, not as long as the self-hatred in this country goes unanswered.

The drawing, which was designed to go with an article rather than stand by itself, is not shameful nor disgusting. It is designed like all oped art to be provocative and interpretative. It shows a point of view which relates the hyperbole of the tea party people to the actions of a disturbed mentality. The disgusting part is the lack of inclination to blame the people untimately responsible. They are again being given a pass for the viciousness they have engendered, at least in part.

I would guess that your experience is on one political side rather than the other. I am on neither. I want all this goddam noise and manufactured strife to stop. I want people to work toward a better country. I think I have earned the right to insist on it. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican, neither left nor right. I was drafted and served in Vietnam and was awarded a Bronze Star and an Air Medal and received a field commission. That probably means less to me than to others, but I don’t have to apologize to anyone for my views. This may not equate to working in political communications as you have done, but it counts for something.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your writing and will bear your remarks in mind in future.

All best wishes,

Jeff Danziger
Mr. Danziger –

I appreciate your service to our nation, and you’re definitely entitled to your opinion, but I ask you to provide one piece of actual evidence for this statement:

“In a larger sense there is a link between anti-government rhetoric and the actions of this obviously deranged man.”

To my knowledge, none exists. The fact that tea-party activists generally support smaller government does not create a “link” between them and “crazed” individuals who may be generally anti-government or anti-establishment. Everything I’ve seen thus far suggests that there’s not much separating this gunman from the emotionally disturbed killers at Virginia Tech and Columbine, other than the establishment symbols that they ultimately targeted – schools vs. Congress.

Furthermore, I have to take issue with your comparison to Oklahoma City. In that case, there was actual evidence that Tim McVeigh’s horrible and unforgivable action was in direct response to the Waco raid and other DOJ actions of the time. To date, none of the evidence coming out of Tucson indicates that the shooter acted in response to any specific governmental action or political statement whatsoever – including anything coming out of the tea party.

Finally, I must take issue with your statement that there is a “lack of inclination to blame the people ultimately responsible.” At this point, the only person responsible for this action is the guy who pulled the trigger.

If it’s ok with you, I’d like to publish our exchange on my blog. In any case, thanks for your reply. I strongly disagree with your conclusions, but I do appreciate your time.


UPDATE: 10:00 pm EST:

Ed. We are not in court. I have been watching the development of this combination of loons and opportunists since it started. The Tea Party, the very name is ridiculous. Crazed fat people tortured by their lack of success in life, following the absolute worst of our politicians. Palin, Angel, Quayle’s rotten kid. These people are your choice for anything? The whole thing is based on unreality. Don’t you understand? And Mcveigh was reading that crazy shit from the enbd times or whagtever it is called.

In the end the government has GOT to work. We are in competition with the world. Car companies don’t compete. nation now compete. And these asses want to go back to the 1700’s. I’ve written enough. The whole thing is probably unstoppable except with another dumb war. That’s what usually happens. You can have it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
November 24, 2010, 6:36 pm
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Video: Tourist Mocks Predictable Media Crowd Estimate at Beck Rally
August 30, 2010, 3:35 pm
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Here’s some raw footage I shot from the top of the Washington Monument during Saturday’s Glenn Beck rally. Note how the tourist next to me mocks the all-too-predictable media downplaying of the crowd, joking that there are probably “1,800 people there.”

I have no scientific way of estimating crowd sizes, but I have been to dozens of University of Tennessee football games, which always draw in excess of 100,000 fans, and this crowd was much larger than any I’ve seen at Neyland Stadium. Which means the CBS News estimate of 87,000 and other media accounts claiming “tens of thousands” do seem very low.

In any case, since there seems to be an ongoing debate about the numbers, I figured I’d put my footage out there and let others draw their own conclusions.