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Happy Anniversary to Instapundit!
August 11, 2011, 7:10 pm
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Happy 10th Blogging Anniversary to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit! I started (virtually) working with Glenn on the Porkbusters project back in 2006, and since then he’s linked to quite a few of the videos I’ve produced, for which I’ll always be appreciative. He’s one of the true pioneers out there, and one of the voices I look to as a barometer of sanity, wisdom and level-headedness. Best of luck with the next ten years, Glenn…


Glenn Reynolds in WSJ: Tea Parties Could Lead to Third Political Party
April 15, 2009, 8:28 am
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Glenn Reynolds has a great op-ed in this morning’s WSJ that should lay rest to the Tea-Party-as-organ-of-Fox-News-or-Republican-National-Committee-or-corporate-lobbyists meme, at least with rational people.

In the piece, he points out that many, if not all of the tea parties so far, have been organized by people with very little, if any, prior experience in political organizing. Although of particular note is Reynolds’ closing paragraph:

This influx of new energy and new talent is likely to inject new life into small-government politics around the nation. The mainstream Republican Party still seems limp and disorganized. This grassroots effort may revitalize it. Or the tea-party movement may lead to a new third party that may replace the GOP, just as the GOP replaced the fractured and hapless Whigs

What happens to the Tea Party movement after today? Despite attempts by the lefty bloggers to cartoonishly paint this movement as something engineered by some sinister Dr. Evil-type mastermind in a hollowed-out volcano lair, the fact is nobody knows what happens next. But it will certainly be interesting to watch.